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Bobbi Brown (born 1957) is an American professional makeup artist, bestselling author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. As a professional makeup artist, Brown created 10 simple lipsticks that evolved into a global beauty empire. Brown has written nine books about beauty and wellness and is a New York Times bestselling author. Since leaving her billion-dollar company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in October 2016, she has launched Beauty Evolution, LLC and was certified as a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Unsatisfied customer Grace A. shares her experience, "I bought the Creme eyeshadow and after a while the color tip started to fall out. Then the sharp end started to chip. I cut my hand on the sharp tip! When I complained to Macy's where I bought it they said there was nothing they could do.


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Holly says

"Customer service keep sending template message and never actually help me. Worst customer service "

Jo Miller says

"No order after 7 weeks. Replacement not shipped - as shown by tracking. No explanation. Had to go onto social media just to get a response. Very poor customer service, which saddens me as I have spent thousands of pounds with them over the years. AVOID."

Daniela Deshkova says

"I’ve placed order 58085829 on 23rd November and was chasing up my order 1 month until I receivebit. When I finally received it 1of the items was missing. I’ve sent email to customer service, tried to contact their customer service on the phone and online chat but nobody replies. Their customer service is absolutely ridiculous! Don’t waste your time and money ordering online."

Tina Teza says

"Beyond exasperated with Bobbie Brown Cosmetics on-line customer Service! Order # 3959624356 -First for the positive, after a lot of effort and email writing (dating to before Christmas) as Live Chat and phone calls for these issues are not accepted, 2 of my 3 issues with order # 3959624356 were addressed although I have not received promised item yet from issue 2. Last issue- ART STICK in BARE missing from my order has not even been acknowledged much less credited back to my credit card or item resent (or promised). While multiple people have replied to my emails, they either don’t read my entire (very short, bullet point, action desired messages) emails or don’t grasp English well enough to realize I am not talking about the first 2 issues but a 3rd issue. Reading the email string would be too much to ask. The emails say we have addressed item #2 with out addressing #3.....have a nice day. Sigh. Since other experiences with on line orders have been good during the Pandemic, I have tried to be patient but really? Why would I bother with this type of experience. If I want product again, I will order from Nordstrom or another vendor that values good customer experience."

Dana Damron says

"If it was possible to place less than one star, I would. My order was placed over a month ago. Yes, I emailed and only received robo-responses twice. DO NOT ORDER FROM BOBBI BROWN CA. Customer service is non-existant and I STILL haven't received my order. Everything ordered from the States, the UK and China made it here in 3 weeks but nothing from Ontario and I live in Vancouver. What the Heck!"

Jolene Mcgroary says

"Ordered something 2 week ago was expecting delivery before Christmas I got a email saying it had been dispatched and then tried to track my items and it says that Hermes can’t deliver my items can’t get through to Bobbi brown customer service the web chat is ridiculous can’t get through they just keep sending the same automatic response absolutely useless will not be buying for here ever again has this was a gift for someone"

ggg says

"Shame :( how could I be loyal to this brand for 7 years? Real nightmare online store. Have spent 2 full days, with product selection.. and minutes away from order placement the web store has crashed .. was unable to add one of the items. Useless online chat ... 2 h wait time.. 0 respect to customer.. while in conversation - each reply comes with 30 minute interval, after 10 reminders. brand representatives give such an irrelevant answers/replies about product. Unprofessional team. was disappointed, after reading bellow comments, feeling lucky and survived !! will never buy this brand !"

Jess Wallace says

"Ordered something 3 weeks ago and they took the money from my bank account straight away. 3 weeks later I'm still waiting even for a dispatch notification email. Tried to get in touch via twitter and I got the generic response telling me to use their online chat to chase my order.... try the online chat and surprise surprise it boots me off every time without putting me through to an actual person. Found a customer contact number and after finally getting through and being placed on hold while they look into where my order is, they tell me I shouldn't have been able to ever order or pay for it because the product is out of stock and not available! So if I hadn't have chased them up where would my money have gone? Because I never received notification, an email, or any contact at all that my money had gone into the Bobbi Brown abisque for a product they never even had to send me! Absolutely disgusted with this type of service from such a company that I'd considered so well established. And I'm 99% sure that unless I made the effort to chase this up they never would have contacted me or refunded me my money. This was a Christmas present that I now can't even buy from the shops due to lockdown (had they told me 3 weeks ago when I placed the order the shops would still be open). Will NOT be using again"

Josephine P says

"The Worst customer service, placed an order over two weeks ago that never arrived. Spent multiple hours on hold and several promises of it being resolved and redispatched and nothing ever arrived. Told I couldn't have a refund as they had redispatched it, argued, and eventually got confirmation of a refund. Fingers crossed i actually receive it because I have absolutely no confidence in them. I would not recommend ordering from Bobbi Brown, just go elsewhere, save yourself the hassle of expensive deliveries never showing up!"

sharon johnston says

"My order has not arrived and it is impossible to get in touch with Bobbi Brown except by robot!!!! Their website says that they will deliver within 5 days, well I am still waiting. They say my order is with the carrier and I will be notified of a delivery date. That was 2 weeks ago."

Andrew says

"Made order 4 days previous, received confirmation of dispatch 2 days previous .. now told out of stock. Web site still shows in stock. Do NOT trust you'll receive goods in time for xmas from this company - absolute time wasters."

Sally-ann Wang says

"Terrible services! Do not purchase online! Money went off bank account and no confirmation with my order. No one reply from customer service!"

Natalie says

"AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!! I wish I’d read the reviews or looked on Twitter before ordering. I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for my order. £150 has been taken from my account. The first order went missing and after finally getting hold of customer service they re sent and was promised within 3 days. That was last week and when that order didn’t arrive I called again and was told it had only just been dispatched and should be with me the next day. That was 4 days ago and still no delivery and no one will answer calls or emails as I’d like a refund. Please...DO NOT buy from this company. You will not be able to speak to anyone. They reply quickly on Twitter but provide an email contact that doesn’t work. You can wait hours on the live chat and no one answers and the call handlers are very unhelpful and can’t provide accurate delivery dates or a tracking number. AVOID!!"

Jane Gee says

"Ordered 3 items at a cost of £80 plus; 2 arrived - been to the online chat 4 times, waited over an hour today - I would like the missing item or a refund, hopeless - nice cosmetics but when it goes wrong online, very poor service, avoid."

Vick says

"I would have put a zero-star review if I could. Extremely insincere and poor customer service - pathetic, slow, and insincere. I have my brows done there and they got me a bunch of tiny wounds under my brows - they replied my complaint after a month and saying would like to check Wow. Who would their wounds left on the skin after a month, and for you to check? Pathetic and miserable"

Joanne LaHue says

"I am extremely annoyed at Bobbi brown’s inept customer service!!! I called immediately after purchase to cancel an Online Order because the shipping address was wrong!!! And yet they still fulfilled this order which I was told was canceled and will NEVER RECEIVE because it is sent to WRONG ADDRESS!!! I wrote to chat agents AND I called customer service to cancel the order. And NOTHING WAS RESOLVED!!!!"

Solenne Devys says

"Impossible to have a tracking number for my order. After emailing the customer service, they informed me that the package was in a shop far from my house. Returning a product was also a nightmare. No answer by email and a customer service unable to speak a word of French. Never again!"

Sharon Farrey says

"Love Bobbi Brown products, hate their customer service! Needing to resolve a billing issue cost me two hours of my time and never was able to speak to a person or get my issue resolved! Tried both calling & on line chat. Come on Bobbi Brown it’s 2020 get your customer service act together! Never again will I purchase from this company. B"

Simone Charnock says

"I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown - the make up is excellent and always good offers, but my recent experience has really taught me to not shop online. I ordered some items that were limited idition and it got dispatched from BB, only for it to get lost by their courier. It looks like they did find my parcel but somehow is being sent back to BB, and they are unable to resend my parcel to me. I'm a bit disappointed with this, because I ordered things that are now out of stock and won't be restocked. Change your courier please BB!"

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